Farm Apprentice: 2 year position 2 positions available

This position is meant for someone who wants to own and operate a commercial diverse market farm. Can you commit Mid Febuary - December 20 for 2 full seasons 40-50 hours per week Pay is 13.00 per hour first season and a raise will follow the second season. Please read over job requirments and send your resume. You will take a 6 week break through the holidays and deep winter to rest spend time with family and friends and prepare for the upcoming season.

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Some days will be longer then others and we expect a positive attitude and desire to complete tasks and become part of our team. Working on our farm requires the physical and mental capability to contribute daily in a rigorous, fast-paced agricultural setting. You must have a current drivers license and vehicle. You must be on time and be able to complete a task. You must be able to work and lead in a team atmosphere as well as independently. You must show a desire of all farm work including customer service, packing orders, delivering orders, organization, heavy equipment operation and physically working in 100 degree temperatures. You must be able to rock a farmer tan! We would like some one who works hard and is proud to grow quality produce for the community of Mesa County while still having a sense of humor. 

**Smoking is not permitted. Tobacco carries viruses and diseases that transmit to crops. Its challenging enough to grow organically and keep the plants healthy. Since we are an Organic farm we ask for no tobacco use on our farm. 

50% of our work is harvesting and the other 50% is production as well as getting the product to market. You must contain the ability to be polite and social and talk with customers as well as lead volunteers. You must follow and pay attention to our current farm systems and contribute to improving farm systems. Having a basic knowledge of biological plant health and soil health is a must as well as a desire to grow organically. Efficiency is important and showing the ability to multi task, use hand tools properly as well as efficient harvesting and being able to field sort produce will be expected. 

Farm work offers an incredibly rewarding and demanding work environment and life experience. You must be able to lift 50 pounds regularly. Please consider this commitment before applying.  If you feel you meet these requirements please send us your resume. 

To be more prepared for the position we ask that you research "The Market Gardner" by Jean Martin Fortier and "The New Organic Grower" by Elliot Coleman "Sharing The Harvest" a CSA manual. As well as "The Lean Farm" by Ben Hartman. 

Please apply before January 15


Volunteers are essential at Field To Fork CSA. Their energy, spirit and willingness to work bring a refreshing quality to the farm. Working with our farm work trade members and employees helps volunteers gain the rewarding experience of helping produce beautiful organic vegetables while building a relationship with the land.

We have set volunteer hours each week that are seasonally based. We need 48 hours notice to you wanting to volunteer to ensure we have volunteer spots available. Please wear closed toe shoes pants and bring a long sleaved shirt. Volunteers are welcome on Tuesdays - Friday 9am - 1pm

Sample volunteer projects might include:


Farm-related construction projects

Laying irrigation

Planting cover crops Weeding

Seeding in the field


To give you an idea of what type of work we will be doing:

Field work: includes seeding, transplanting, weeding, thinning sprouts, pest control, trellising and harvesting.

Greenhouse: seeding, weeding, transplanting, watering, and pest control.

Wash Station: washing, sorting, packing, bunching, bagging, post harvest labeling all crops

Tractor work: bed preparation, pest control, crop fertility management and mowing.

Distribution: delivering restaurant orders, distributing CSA,  farm stand and wholesale.



If you are interested in any of these positions please email us your information at [email protected] or call us 970-216-2642.